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Our solutions


2Europe offer a wide range of research solutions to clients.  
The types of project we undertake broadly fall into one of the below categories, but we treat all projects individually and work with clients to meet their objectives.  

Brand Tracking

Assess brand performance and strategy by understanding the perceptions of your brand, as well as competitor offerings

New Product Development (NPD)

Help convert ideas into concepts by testing propositions among target audiences to confirm or deny hypotheses

Employee Insight

Review internal communications, staff engagement and satisfaction; a fulfilled workforce will be a productive workforce

Customer Satisfaction

Identify pain-points, barriers to consideration and risks of customer attrition through robust and informed insight of your current and lapsed customers

Customer Experience

Assess touch-points with your company (branches, shops, websites, apps or sales staff; review the stages a customer goes through to ensure it is optimised

Usage & Attitude

Identify triggers and barriers to purchase; drivers for adoption and what will encourage the activity you wish to see

Market Understanding

Investigate opportunities and threats in markets, enabling you to diversify your offering or develop market introduction strategies

Campaign Review

Assess the recall of a campaign and its impact on your brand awareness and sales; combine with a pre-campaign study to measure the impact of a campaign

Key Driver Analysis

Analyse and compare drivers in order to realise which have the greatest potential to grow and encourage profit

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