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Qualitative Research


A wide range of traditional and modern approaches to explore, understand and probe the irrational, rational and intangible needs of consumers, customers and prospects.

What methodologies do we offer?

We offer both online and offline (traditional) approaches to qualitative research.


Online qualitative:

  • Real-time one-to-one discussions via video and/or telephone chat (PC, mobile, tablet all available) - real-time

  • Real-time group discussions via video and/or telephone chat (PC, mobile, tablet all available) - real-time

  • Community/bulletin boards and chat rooms (typically text and content based) - not real-time


Offline qualitative:

  • Face-to-face depth discussions

  • Telephone-based depth discussions

  • Face-to-face group discussions (focus groups) (in various sizes - duo's, triads, mini-groups, full groups)


When we start to work with you we’ll explain the benefits of offline and online approaches in relation to you objectives and aims.  We offer a flexible approach which can utilise a mix of approaches to match budgets, as well as objectives.


All qualitative approaches are suitable:

  • When you require a detailed exploration of subject

  • For topics which are personal, business critical or otherwise sensitive in nature

  • For creative projects, where participants work together to achieve broad consensus on issues and opportunities.


Online qualitative approaches may be more suitable when:

  • The research is being conducted in stages, over a period of days or weeks

  • There is a large amount of stimulus material to be shown and reviewed in depth, over time

  • Respondents are geographically dispersed or otherwise hard to reach

Why should it be considered?

Whichever sector your brand operates in, it is likely to be facing more competitive pressures than ever before.  Organisations that have an understanding of their target audience’s reasoning and behaviour will succeed, because this allows them to differentiate or target their solutions effectively.


Whilst quantitative research is effective at monitoring and reviewing brands in the long-term, it is qualitative research which allows us to explore and identify the elements which should be focused on initially.

Without the insights provided by exploratory, qualitative research companies risk offering a standard product with little USP and therefore will miss out on market opportunities for growth and success.

See how these approaches can be used to undertake different forms of research ->


Please get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your requirements.

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