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2Europe's Research Continues to Provide Valuable Industry Information Years after Study is Complete

In 2018, 2Europe supported Zeroignition with market research into passive fire safety across three key European markets. This research provided Zeroignition with insight into key stakeholders' views and knowledge of passive fire safety solutions.

This study continues to provide value to the client years after project completion

From Zeroignition's Linkedin page:

"We are completely on-board with any legislation or action plan that drives increased passive fire safety within the construction industry in the UK. Worldwide, it is our goal as a company to highlight the risks, the problems and the importance of this very topic.

But it has struck us as slightly ironic the number of ‘construction professionals’ in an IFSEC article published recently who now are calling for increased usage of non-combustibles and stricter rules for their use when it was the same groups who allowed the sub-standard building practices prior to (and after!) the Grenfell tragedy.

Read on for more information...."

This is just one example of our successful engagements. We are always happy to celebrate our partners.

We can continue to establish ourselves as a leading agency in our field as we support clients in achieving their business objectives.

We are already listed in the Top 10 Market Research companies in the UK

It is our mission to enable our clients to make informed business decisions when entering a new market or assessing their own situation. We will continually strive to not only meet, but surpass, our partners’ expectations so they can thrive in their markets and establish themselves as leaders.

If you’re ready to take on your next market research project, get in touch today!



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