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Mystery Shopping


Assess, monitor and measure staff performance, compliance and processes by independently interacting with various customer touch-points

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a market research technique used for measuring, and monitoring on an ongoing basis if necessary, the interactions between a customer and a company or organisation during a pre-defined scenario. 

Mystery shopping relies on observation and recall and can be carried out on both a large and small scale via face-to-face, telephone and online mediums.

How does it work?

Often, the process involves a researcher going incognito and reviewing the activities of staff, the store or office environment, staff friendliness and knowledge for instance.

In certain scenarios, video and audio-recording can be included.

In some instances, the shopper may also consider things such as the number of people in a queue, the number of tills open at a certain time, what items are present on a shelf, what marketing collateral is on show/provided etc.

Mystery shopping is not limited to face-to-face mediums either:

  • Telephone enquiries can be informative in understanding sales protocols, compliance with certain legislation, assessing the cross-selling abilities of staff and more

  • Online enquiries can also be undertaken to assess whether a website, online chat or an email enquiry are handled in an effective manger

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